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Token Overview

Wagmix Coin (WGX) serves as the backbone of the Wagmix ecosystem, providing essential utilities and benefits that empower our platform.

Wagmix Coin (WGX) - Fueling Our Ecosystem

Token Description: WGX is an Ethereum-based token designed to power the Wagmix ecosystem. It acts as the currency connecting various components, including the Wagmix Exchange, our decentralized exchange (DEX), and our Layer 2 (L2) Blockchain. Beyond being a cryptocurrency, WGX embodies the strength of our community.

WGX leverages Ethereum's security and scalability, ensuring a robust foundation for our coin.

Contract Address:



ENS (Ethereum Name Service): We have assigned the Wagmix.eth ENS to the deployer of Wagmix Coin (WGX), making it easily discoverable on the Ethereum blockchain.

For more information, visit the Wagmix Coin website.

The Heart of Utility

WGX plays a central role in the Wagmix ecosystem, offering various utilities:

Reduced Trading Fees on Wagmix Exchange

WGX holders enjoy lower trading fees on the Wagmix Exchange, enhancing cost-effectiveness for active traders.

Enhanced Staking Rewards

Participating in our staking program with WGX provides users with higher rewards, including additional tokens and a share of transaction fees.

Governance Participation

WGX holders have a say in governance decisions within the Wagmix ecosystem, ensuring a community-driven approach.

Powering the Wagmix DEX

Within our decentralized exchange, Wagmix DEX, WGX is the driving force, enabling users to engage in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities, access undervalued assets, and utilize blockchain capabilities.

Enabling the Layer 2 (L2) Blockchain

WGX plays a pivotal role in our Layer 2 (L2) Blockchain, facilitating swift transactions, scalability, and security while preserving decentralization principles.

Token Supply Dynamics

  • Max Supply: WGX has a maximum supply of 120,000,000 tokens, ensuring long-term stability and utility.

Purposeful Distribution

  • Initial Launch: 60% of WGX tokens were introduced at launch, making them readily available for trading.
  • Operations: 20% is allocated for essential operational functions of the Wagmix ecosystem.
  • Marketing: 10% of the token supply is dedicated to marketing initiatives to increase awareness and community engagement.
  • Team and Advisors: The remaining 10% is strategically reserved for the dedicated Wagmix team and advisors who passionately drive our mission forward.

Value Enhancement Mechanism

WGX incorporates an innovative auto-burn mechanism that constantly exerts upward pressure on its value. A significant portion of daily trading revenue generated by the platform is used to purchase and burn WGX tokens, enhancing value for all holders.

Emission Insights Ahead

The detailed emission schedules for WGX will provide valuable insights into the token's supply dynamics and emission events, offering a clear perspective on its evolution within the ecosystem.

Implementation Progress

Our team is diligently working on the secure and seamless implementation of WGX across our platforms. A precise release schedule will be available to ensure a smooth transition to the next phase of our ecosystem.

Visionary Roadmap

The roadmap for WGX reflects our commitment to innovation, outlining exciting developments and enhancements. We envision WGX remaining at the forefront of utility and community empowerment.

WGX embodies the spirit of progress and inclusivity, serving as more than just a digital asset—it's the driving force behind the Wagmix ecosystem.

Wagmix Coin (WGX) is more than a token; it represents our community's vision and the key to our collective future. Join us on this remarkable journey as we leverage the power of WGX to redefine the possibilities of blockchain technology across the entire Wagmix ecosystem.

Wagmix Exchange (WGX)

Wagmix Exchange is the primary trading platform where WGX serves as the native currency. This exchange offers reduced trading fees and a seamless trading experience for WGX holders.

How to Use WGX on Wagmix Exchange

To maximize your WGX holdings on Wagmix Exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account: If you haven't already, sign up for a Wagmix Exchange account.

  2. Log In: After registration, log in to your account.

  3. Deposit WGX: Deposit WGX into your Wagmix Exchange wallet. You can find your WGX deposit address in your account dashboard.

  4. Start Trading: Once your WGX is deposited, you can begin trading with reduced fees and access to a wide range of trading pairs.

Wagmix DEX (WGX)

Wagmix DEX is the decentralized counterpart of Wagmix Exchange, offering decentralized trading and DeFi opportunities. WGX plays a central role in this ecosystem.

How to Use WGX on Wagmix DEX

To start using WGX on Wagmix DEX, follow these steps:

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Use a compatible Ethereum wallet to connect to the Wagmix DEX platform.

  2. Access WGX: Navigate to trading pairs involving WGX to trade or provide liquidity.

  3. Participate in DeFi: Explore decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities on Wagmix DEX, such as liquidity provision and yield farming, using WGX.

This page offers a comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing WGX within the Wagmix ecosystem. If you have further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.